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The taste of mango from this one comes a long way,  lemongrass and basil also add an edge to the whole experience with Hints of citrus and lemon from the Limonene, encourage you to keep going.
This tasty strain’s dominant terpene is Myrcene; which is also found in mangos, thyme and lemongrass. 


THC: 18.4&

CBD: 0.7%


DNA: Indiana Bubble Gum + Pink 2.0 strain

Smell: Light Bubblegum
Taste: Super sweety fruity strawberry

Pink Bubblegum 3.5g Flower

1 Gram
Excluding GST/HST
  • Our strains are grown indoors, in small-batch, strain-specific rooms, 
     then slowly hang cured and hand trimmed.

  • This strain produces a body-numbing high addresses pain and leaves your mind somewhat stimulated. Consumers who smoke Pink Bubble Gum often say it helps them stay alert and be creative, while others report a Stoney head high.

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