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Contest Rules: "The Crafty" Budtender Challenge


1. Eligibility: The contest is open to all budtenders employed at participating dispensaries.


2. Contest Period: The challenge will run for a period of 30 consecutive days, starting from the designated start date and ending on the specified end date.


3. Product Focus: The contest is centered around promoting and selling Sana'a products exclusively.


4. Sales Tracking: Each participating dispensary will maintain accurate records of individual budtender sales for Sana'a products during the contest period.


5. Individual Performance: Budtenders will be evaluated based on their individual sales performance during the contest period.


6. Criteria for Winning: The budtender who sells the highest total value of Sana'a products during the 30-day contest period will be declared the winner of "The Crafty" Budtender Challenge.


7. Verification: Dispensaries must provide accurate and verifiable sales data for each participating budtender upon request for the purpose of determining the winner.


8. Tiebreaker: In the event of a tie, the budtender with the highest number of individual transactions involving Sana'a products will be declared the winner. If a tie still persists, the dispensary management will determine an appropriate tiebreaker method.


9. Winner Announcement: The winner will be announced within one week after the end of the contest period. The announcement will be made through official channels, such as the dispensary's website or social media platforms.


10. Prize: "The Crafty" award will be presented to the winning budtender, along with recognition and potential incentives determined by the dispensary management.


11. Compliance: Participating budtenders must adhere to all applicable local and state regulations and guidelines regarding the promotion and sale of cannabis products throughout the contest.


12. Disqualification: Any budtender found to be in violation of the contest rules or engaging in fraudulent practices will be disqualified from the challenge.


By participating in "The Crafty" Budtender Challenge, all budtenders acknowledge and agree to comply with the contest rules outlined above. Good luck and may the best budtender win!

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