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Hybrids are made by breeders in order to combine the best traits of certain strains, mixing them together into a new one. It can result in Indica dominant strains with an additionally uplifting high, or a Sativa dominant strain that grows with an Indica fast turnaround. 

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Cannabis indica is usually short and bushy, with broad, dark leaves. The pure Indica strains indigenous to Afghanistan are perhaps the most influential in modern cannabis culture. The dense buds we associate with high-quality marijuana today are a trait of Indica provenance.

  • 90% of the weed on the market has Indica heritage. Pure Sativa is a rarity. Hybrids dominate the market.

  • Indica plants are usually very bushy, with short internodes, which makes them ideal for growing indoors. Additionally, the SOG technique has proven to be the most effective on Indica dominant strains.

  • Perhaps the most differentiating characteristic of Cannabis indica plants is their leaves. Those 3, 5, or sometimes 7 fat leaflets are the main indicator of the presence of Indica plants in the crop. In contrast, Cannabis sativa tends to have a lighter green color with many more thin leaflets.

  • During flowering, Indica plants tend to stretch much less than Sativa plants. Outdoors it is rare for pure Indica varieties to exceed 2m in height and indoors it is normal to have specimens of 1m or less. Indica strains tend to grow horizontally like a shrub, with vigorous branches. Sativa's are usually gleaned like a vine.



  • Indica cannabis buds are often associated with a couch high. 

  • Indicas have a powerful body high, rather than the lively head high of sativa. The presence of higher CBD concentrations in indica weed compared to the negligible content of sativas plays a key role.

  • Indicas have valuable therapeutic properties. This has spawned a new generation of CBD cannabis in the 21st century. Relaxation is the predominant note when using indica cannabis for recreational purposes. At night, the indica are tickets heading for the arms of Morpheus.

  • The strongest indica strains, with extraordinarily high THC levels, can be overwhelming and leave the consumer glued to the couch. In addition, the famous cravings are the usual tonic in both indica and high-quality sativa varieties.

  • Indica varieties have several medicinal applications. However, they also get you tremendously high. CBD-rich strains, with balanced THC to CBD ratios, are the preferred alternative for most patients using therapeutic cannabis.


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